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st Johns wort

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#1 Dallas06

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 12:36 PM

Hello im new to this site! I was taking citalapram for about a year and it worked an absolute treat however my doctors seemed to really be pushing for me to stop taking antidepressants and so I did! And it was fine for a while but depression has defiantly come back! I dont want to go bqck on antidepressants as ill only feel encouraged to come off them again and seen as tho my depression began really from puberty (im 25 now) im pretty accepting of depression being a life struggle! Im just wondering if anyone has tried st johns wort? I dont want depression to be back on my medical history as it can prevent participation in clinical trials etc and I could face the ordeal of approaching a doctor again! Any good experi3nces of st johns wort out there?

#2 fiona

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 03:58 PM

Dallas -


I've said it a million times to many, many people.....drugs are just tools.  They do not fix you.  If you feel better for a while and then the depression hits it is because you've got issues about your depression that the drugs won't touch.....only you can do that.  Look really deep down inside and you will know why you are hurting.  Come out and admit it to someone......a counselor, a good friend, someone you can trust.  If you start to let the pent up frustration out, then the drugs will kick in a little longer and maybe if you get the courage to face your beast you won't need the drugs any more to deal with the pain because you CAN learn how to handle it and how to move forward.


Hope you can get something out of this answer.  I've been through a lot myself and I know I have always pulled through.  You can too.


Good luck,


#3 FuzzyFuture

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 04:20 PM

I agree with Fiona for the most part - I believe a significant portion of my depression results from issues I don't "correct" in my life.  However, there is often a chemical basis for depression also, whether it is cause or effect and meds can help, as you have found.  


St. John's Wort is a "selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor" like citalapram, so there's a good chance it will work for you.  However, people find that one med will work for them and another won't (even sometimes if they are of the same class of drug.)   The most likely to work is one that worked in the past.   So there would be some argument to try citalapram again.  But if the inconvenience is too great, SJW seems to be a good bet.   Here's an article I found discussing SJW:    I bought SJW once or twice, but never used it near enough to have experience to report. 





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Posted 15 June 2014 - 09:52 PM

Yes. dont take it. Unless you see a proper herbalist. who can work out the right dose. And you need to check with your own doctor to see if you can take it first, just like many anti depressants, some are ok for you and others aren't.  I take the same as you my dear. Though i am still on them. You could as you are in the uk take something like rescue remedy or calms. A mild helper. But in truth if it doesn't work, back to the docs with you. :cool: Ask to see someone else. you are in your rights to do so. I have changed my docs at least five times in the last 3 years.

#5 KylieJane

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Posted 19 July 2014 - 07:43 PM

I used to use it. I have recently stopped.  I always worried about the safety and long-term side effects.