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Anxiety disorder

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 01:22 PM

I have never had mental illness, and problems until my inlaws came in the picture, I been diagnosed with manic depression and now I seem to be having anxiety attacks that will last up to a few hours, it has became extremely painful and it has got to the point where I can not function, or think correctly. It sometimes is not triggered by any thought or anything

Could it be caused by my medication, or just a part of life now.

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Posted 27 March 2012 - 04:49 AM


I don't really have an answer for you, unfortunately. I do have problems with anxiety myself and I know there have been times when medications have made them worse, at least temporarily. I'm certainly no expert and can't say if your meds are part of your panic attacks, my best suggestion is to talk to your doctor; maybe even a pharmacist, I've found that sometimes they have more knowledge than the docs do, but that is just my experience. There have been times when I've sat down and read the list of possible side effects of meds and learned a lot that way. I guess what I'm really trying to say is none of us here are really going to be able to give you a definitive answer to that question, even if we knew your meds and medical history.

You mentioned not having problems before the inlaws came into the picture, I suppose that could be a stressor that pushed you over the edge; again a hard thing for me to answer with such little information, and even with more info I'd be hard pressed to say for sure how much they have impacted your situation. I have heard others say that bipolar or manic depression sometimes doesn't really become an issue untill the mid 20's, please don't take my word for that, I don't know how accurate that is; my point is more that the manic depression may be related to age or something other than the inlaws. Hard to tell.

Yeah, I know, I'm not being very helpful. But I'm here to talk if you need someone to listen and give some feedback and suport.

What has your doctor had to say about this? What meds are you on? Just curious really. I'm here to listen and talk if ya need me, I'm not always here every day, but I do check in every couple of days at least, so come on back and talk more if you want to; I understand how helpful it can be to just have someone to talk to that will listen, not judge and offer support.

I'm around if ya need an ear, hope you check in and let me know how things are going.