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#1 raindrop

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Posted 29 June 2011 - 11:19 PM

Hey everyone,

I am really frightened. I knew that I was addicted to Xanax about 7 months ago when I kept running out before my next refill was due. I am currently prescribed 3, 1mg tabs daily. Well, I found a few people who were selling them through a friend. Now, I am up to 4, 1mg and sometimes 5, 1mg daily. I know this is very stupid but I told a new doctor (that didn't prescribed them to me in the first place) that I was taking more than my recommended dose. He first told me, "3 is too many". Then, I explained to him that I need them and I take more than 3 a day. Well, he gave me some tough love (I guess). He told me that he was not going to prescribe them to me anymore and I am not to go to any other doctor to get them. He prescribed be Klonopin, 2mg twice daily and told me to completely quit taking Xanaxes!

I explained to him (I know to a doctor, right) that you can have seizures if you cold turkey Xanax and I just started crying. He told me that is why he is prescribing me the Klonopin twice daily, because it will help the withdrawl symptoms. He also wanted to see me back in 3 weeks and bring the bottle of Klonopin so he can count them.

Okay, please advise. I have a brand new psychiatry appt coming up soon (he cancelled at the last minute which is why I panicked and decided to go to this new primary care physician in the first place, and now this phyciatrist is calling me and stating that he can see me in a few days).

Should I just keep taking the xanaxes I have now and wait for the psychiatrist appt or should I do as this new primary care physician stated and quit taking the xanaxes NOW and start the Klonopin?

I know this is stupid and I got myself in this mess but now I'm panicking about panicking. Thanks to all who respond with a non-judgmental way.

#2 FuzzyFuture

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Posted 30 June 2011 - 01:26 PM

If you can see the psychiatrist, who is presumably more of an expert, in just a few days, I'd be inclined to wait and review the switch with him, provided you have enough Xanax to last you until that appointment.

However, Klonopin is in the same chemical class as Xanax, so you GP is likely correct that it won't cause too much of a problem to switch. Klonopin is a longer acting anti-anxiety agent so it wears off slower, which might make it less tempting to take more.

If concern remains about a sudden switch, I wonder if your new pdoc could suggest a gradual shift from one to the other.

I wonder if anyone else on here has made this switch.