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just dont know how to fix it

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#1 buhle

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 04:15 PM

my name is Buhle (dont worry if you cant pronounce it, most people just call me boo-boo), i'm 16 years old and have been depressed since the age of 10. A little over a month ago i started seeing a guy named Colin. he's been really cool to me; he's easy to talk to and he makes me laugh and i've had a really good time with Colin. Just so everyone knows, i generally dont do romantic relationships because I generally don't know what to say to boys and I'm a little on the chunky side, so they dont like me anyway, but Colin's different, he's cool like that.
About two weeks ago i started to feel a little....i dont know really know how to describe it, just this empty feeling and I started avoiding Colin. He sensed that something was wrong, but I deflected and was just the surfaced Buhle, not the real Buhle.
I recently put up a blog post that was rather angry and passionate. One of Colin's friends read it and called me a whiney bitch. I dont take criticism very well and Colin was quick to defend him, but that broke me and I've been distant ever since.
I can see that my depression's affecting Colin a lot and I just dont know what to do. I dont know how to help him, I dont even know how to help myself...

#2 lmgfly

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 12:35 AM

Hey there,
I can see how that would be tough for you. Its probably hard for Colin to agree with you over a friend hes known for a while, not that that makes what he did any better.. But I guess if he doesnt know what you're going through its hard for him to understand.... I'm really sorry though hun. Try to sort it out with him, if you think he'll understand then you could tell him about it.. if not then try and get outside help from someone who would understand what your going through...
Or you could be honest with him and tell him how much it hurt that he sided with his friend. And tell him that you've jsut been having a rough time, he might be hurt that you're not being honest with him. Telling him that you aren't doing so well will make him feel like you trust him.

best of luck