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New chat guidelines - Please read before chatting!

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Posted 15 October 2008 - 10:22 AM

As a member, you are subject to the terms of BTB Chat Guidelines, Forum Guidelines and other rules that we publish from time to time. Users who violate the terms of our Guidelines may permanently be banned from using Chat and the forum.

1. A depression chat room is just that, a chat room for the discussion of depression, and also a place to get to know other members better. When someone enters the room, please stop conversation, greet them and note to them if the chat is of a serious nature or a joking nature. Find out which they need and offer to help them. This prevents hurt feelings if someone is in need of a serious chat.

2. The General chat room may be used for depression related topics and topics of a less serious nature. Please respect others and reserve the quiet room for topics of a serious nature only.

3. We're all human - All of the people you will be chatting with, including Administrators and Moderators, are just average, everyday people who are plagued by depression, anxiety, and other inner demons the same way you are. They have feelings, hopes, and fears just like you. They make mistakes and say things they don't mean just like you.

4. Remember where you are - This is a depression chat room. We do not condone suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, self-mutilation or any other self-destructive behaviours. Our visitors are often in very fragile emotional states. Often times, we have teenagers among our numbers. For these reasons, we must maintain a "PG" atmosphere in our room and promote conversations that are encouraging and uplifting. This doesn't mean you can't talk about what's bothering you. Just be aware of your influence on others.

5. No flaming - If you don't like what someone else has to say, ignore them. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.

6. Use language that is appropriate for a family environment. Remember that you are in an impressionable environment. There are people of all ages using chat and so we need to be observant of how we express ourselves.

7. Don't monopolize the screen - Filling up the screen with nonsense talk may seem cute, but it can really aggravate others who are discussing serious issues or those who can't get a word in edgewise.

8. Don't monopolize the conversation either, hear others out when they try to tell you how they are feeling.

9. Don't enter chat and then remove/keep removing yourself from your keyboard. If you are that busy and have other things to do, sign off the chat and go do them. Interrupting someone to keep telling them you will "BRB" several times in a conversation is not only distracting, but can be hurtful for some. Make a decision to either chat, or do your other chores, but not both. Occasional BRB for drinks, smokes and wash room breaks is acceptable. BRB for essay writing, house cleaning, shopping, etc is not acceptable.

10. Using other messenger programs to chat to others while in chat is not acceptable, it's actually considered to be quite rude to all you're chatting with and could be damaging to someone who is in need of an ear here. Please choose a program/group and stick to it.

11. This chat room is for recovery purposes. If you're feeling suicidal, the need to self injure, or in extreme crisis, this room is not for you. You need to be on the phone calling 911 or your local suicide or crisis hot line.

12. Please remember this is a support room of people who cannot substitute for your Therapist or Psychiatrist. If talking with others in the room is not helping, our best advice is for you to contact your Therapist or Psychiatrist. You may discuss your own personal experiences with the understanding that everyone will have a different experience.

13. We don't tolerate harassment, expressions of bigotry, hatred, abuse or threats of harm to anyone. Any chat room behaviour which can be considered threatening or harassing in any nature is strictly forbidden.

14. We do not tolerate discussions revolving around illegal activities.

15. No Pornographic material or sexual references/chats please.

16. Your medication is your own.... Members are not permitted to offer to give, sell or trade prescriptions with one another.

17. Discussing suicide plans is extremely upsetting to everyone in the room, so please don't do it.

Our chat room is mostly unmoderated so let's keep it friendly. We reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend access to our chat room for conduct that we believe interferes with other peoples' enjoyment.

Please report any problems to admin@beatingthebeast.com

Chat logs will be reviewed and offenders will be dealt with.

Sheila, Jillie, Bee, BTB Moderators and Chat Room Moderators

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Posted 15 October 2008 - 07:50 PM

Very good set of rules Sheila...thanks.