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Posted 14 May 2007 - 11:59 AM

Has been a few new people wondering about time differences this website was posted by Jillie a while ago and was sitting on the second page and thought I would stick it up here so it was easy to access at any time for newbies and for everyone else who has trouble remembering time differences cause I know I do at times ...


#2 WalterSobchak

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Posted 22 August 2008 - 06:45 PM

Hopefully this is helpful. More options on figuring it out.

Detailed Recommendations on Free Programs for Time Zones

Also a method I worked out some time ago and posted for honeybee. I'll copy and paste it here in case anyone might find it useful. What works for one doesn't necessarily for others. Good to have options.

Here is a REAL simple fix to figuring out time zone differences. Microsoft has a free little program called of all things Microsoft Time Zone. Of course if you're using an evil Apple this won't work. But assuming you do, do the following:

1) Download Microsoft Time Zone from the following link. It's very small.

Microsoft Time Zone program

2) After downloading the file, install it.

3) After a bit the icon for the program will pop up in your system tray.

4) Right click on the icon and pick options.

5) Leave the top 2 boxes checked or check them if they aren't.

6) Move all the time zones in the right hand side of the double pane to the left pane to get a nice clean start.

7) If you don't live in one of the cities listed in the default list, click Add.

icon_cool.gif Type in the name of your town. Pick your time zone from the drop down list.

9) Check the box Add to My Locations? Click ok.

10) For Rocky Mountain Time, scroll down the list on the left and find Denver. Add it to the right pane. You know have established an easy at a glance way to see what a time mentioned in Rocky Mountain Time is for you.

11) Close the options.

12) Click on the icon and up pops a window that will show your town, AussieTown for example and the day, date and time and Denver and its day, date and time. You now know what the time difference is between your time zones.

13) To know when a future time and date in another time zone is simply double click on your standard Windows clock.

14) For this chat for example, change the time zone to Rocky Mountain Time, change the date to 8/23/08, change the time to 12pm. Close the calendar.

15) Click on Time Zone and voila, listed under your town will be what time the chat will be for you. Write it down.

16) Most important! Double click on your clock and change the calendar back to your time zone, your date and your time.

See? Easy........ Only 16 steps........ but really after doing it once its nothing to do it again. Print off these instructions if you need to. Or ask me and I'll copy and paste them into a text file and mail them to you or anyone else that wants them.

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