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Posted 06 May 2006 - 09:50 PM


Click on the name of the folder to view. You will see a list of threads in the folder in date order. Most of the options there are self explanatory, but there are a few differences from our old phpBB board. In the top right hand corner of the folder you will see Forum Options – clicking on this will give you a drop down menu with various choices – it is here that you can subscribe to a forum (you get email notification if someone posts here) or mark all the posts as read should you so wish.

Below the forum is a search option enabling you to search the folder for certain keywords. There is also the possibility to use a drop down window to jump directly to another folder. On the right is a set of options that can be used to sort and filter the topics according to your own viewing preferences. Finally, underneath everything you will see a box where skin options can be selected. Different ‘skins’ allow you to change the colour and the look of how you see the forum. At the moment we only have one skin, so it is not applicable, but we hope in the future to have some more choice!

First let’s deal with making a new post in the thread. Click on the New Post button which will open a new window in the usual way. Now you will see some differences. There are two title lines….the second is optional, and allows you to make a further comment or explanation of your title if you so wish. You will also find that you have many more options regarding the look of your post – you can choose a font, size, colour much more easily. Select the options you want, write your post, but then don’t forget to click the little red cross in the top right hand corner of your message box – this closes the tags and if you don’t do this you won’t get all the effects you want.

Once you post is ready to send scroll down. You will see a new fun thing for you to play with…Attachments. With this software you get your own little bit of webspace and you can upload up to 500k of data (photos, graphics, etc) straight from your computer onto BtB webspace. We hope that you users of Photobucket will find this useful! Finally you will see some icons at the bottom that you can choose to use if you wish. The icon will appear in front of your post and give your mood.

Should you wish to reply an existing thread there are various options. Firstly if you wish to quote a preceding post first press the quote button, followed by the reply button, and your reply window will come up with the quote already in place for you. When replying you have the option of Reply or Quick Reply. The latter has the advantage it will not open up a new window – handy if you computer is not so fast.

This is not an exhaustive ‘How to’ guide, I have tried to concentrate on the main differences between posting on an IPB message board and the phpBB board we were all used to. For more details please have a look at the help function in the bar at the top of the page.