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Using The Control Panel

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Posted 06 May 2006 - 09:46 PM

First of all welcome to our new look Beating the Beast! At first everything might seem rather strange, but if you look carefully you will see familiar sights like the old beast still swaggering away in the upper left hand corner… some things never change!

The layout of the forum itself has also remained the same and all in the old order. If you haven’t yet logged on, then please try doing so using your usual BtB name and password.

Click around and see what there is here. You might then find it handy to read some of the topics here.

My Control Panel – clicking on this will open the control panel index. In the centre/right is a summary of your member account showing recent attachments (see Posting topic for more details), the number of posts, average posts, and a list of recently read topics. On the left side you have a menu with a list of all the options. Underneath is a personal notepad allowing you to save notes and other information for access at a later time.

What are the options in the menu on the left?

First we suggest you check out the Personal Profile information. One of the things that has been lost in the conversion here, for some reason, is the list of everyone’s date of birth. So, if you want birthday wishes, please make sure you fill this in again! The rest of the information is optional and self explanatory. When you are happy with the details click on Amend my profile and the information you have provided will be entered into the database.

Setting up a signature and a profile are similar processes to our other board. Some of them will need to be set up again.

The six sections under the Options header allow you to customize how the forum functions, to change it to suit your requirements.

Manage your Attachments When a file is uploaded and attached to a post it is listed in this section of the control panel. From here, you can see which files you’ve uploaded, and delete any that are no longer needed. Note that deleting an attachment from a post will remove it completely – it cannot be recovered. Every user has an upload quota, and once this has been reached you cannot upload any more files. You will therefore need to delete some before continuing, which can be done from this section. Every file has a checkbox on the right. To delete it, check the box and then click on the Delete Selected button at the bottom.

Manage Ignored Users Should you not wish to view any posts that certain member(s) make you can add them to your ignore list, after which any posts they make will be masked until you decide to read them. To add a user to the list, enter their username into the box. You can search for users by clicking the Find User button. Once you are done adding, click on Update Ignored Users. Please note, you cannot ignore Admin or Moderators!!

E-Mail Settings The forum uses e-mail to send out notifications as well as let other members contact each other directly. There is quite a range of options here.

Board Settings This is for further customizing the way the board works by altering settings. Here you can adjust your time settings, and how you view your posts – how many posts per page, whether or not you see avatars and images (may be useful to turn off this option if you are on a slow computer), whether you get email notification of pm’s etc etc.

Change E-Mail Address Please be aware that if you do this your account will need to be activated again. Activation is done manually by Admin or Mods here, so it could take a few hours for you to receive a confirmation mail at the new address allowing you to log on once more.

Change Password This should be a fairly straightforward process but if you experience any problems logging off and then on again, email Admin for help.

Finally, this is where you control your private messages: you have six menu items to manage your messages.

Compose New Message This brings up a window similar to the post window. If you have members added to your buddy list you can select them from the address book or can otherwise enter the member’s name into the box. On the next line, you can choose to send the messages to up to 6 additional users. The ‘send to other members’ option is equivalent to the CC option for a normal email. If you wish to use it like a BCC option, check the ‘Hide CC recipients from others?’ option.
**When you have finished writing your message be sure to check the boxes underneath if you want your outgoing message to be a) saved in your Sentbox and b) tracked, so you can see when it has been read.**

Message Box Folders (Inbox, Sent Items, and Saved) These boxes are already familiar to you., You can move your posts between these folders, and you will also see a bar to show you how full your inbox is. **When it is full then it will stop taking messages**….a bit of a shock to a slob like me who always ran her pm box full at the last board as the software there allowed you to do that.

Edit Storage Folders You can rename any of your existing folders (you cannot delete the three default folders) and create your own new storage folders. Clicking on ‘Edit Storage Folders’will show you a list of current directories. You can add a new folder by typing the name into the empty boxes at the bottom of the page. Renaming is the same – change the text in the boxes already filled out at the top. To delete a folder, delete the text from the text box at the top and it will be removed when you click on ‘Submit Changes’.

Empty PM Folders For quickly removing all messages from a folder. Check the box next to the folder name you wish to empty and then click on ‘Continue’. All messages in that folder will be deleted. If you have unread messages you wish to keep then check the ‘Keep Unread PM’s?’box.

PM Buddies/Block List This serves both as an address book and a block list. If you add friends to your buddies list, you can quickly select them from the address book when composing a new message. If you wish to block a certain member you can add them in a similar way to adding a Buddy except you select ‘No’ from the drop-down menu labelled ‘Allow this member to message you?’

Message Tracker When you send a message or reply to a message you can choose to track it. This will add it to the list of messages in your Message Tracker, where you can see if the recipient has read the message. Once you have checked if a message has been read, tick the box next to it, and then click on ‘Delete’ or ‘End Tracking’ to remove it from the list. You can even delete the message before it has been read.

You will also see two more headings here…the Invision Gallery and the Community Blog. These are two add-ons that do not come as standard with the message board software. Once you are logged on at the board you should be able to access these with no further problems.
The blog is fairly self explanatory – we wouldn’t dare take it away from you after having had it on the last software! There are some differences though, especially in the choices of who can read the blog. The Invision Gallery is, of course, for your photographs. I haven’t had time much to play around there yet, so if anyone is puzzled by anything you will have to yell for help in the ‘How to’ folder!