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Addictions be gone w/Creative Intuitiveness-Magic and mystic

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Posted 04 December 2005 - 01:49 PM

Postive ways to deal w/ addictions used to regulate mood & increase self-esteem, and combat loneliness, and feel connected in a different way, and fight negative thoughts and fight pain, and other good things that help us be fullfilled and balanced to fight off the beast depression and anxiety and perhaps other mental illnesses as well.

:hm: :quest: :D

I do not know if a thread of this nature has been started, but i would sure like to share what i know and have learned and hear what others here at BtB have done to regulate moods, negative thoughts, increase self-esteem, etc good things, without the use of alcohol, street drugs, shopping sprees, collecting/hording, sex addictions, tobbaco addiction, food addiction, co-dependency, any kind of behavior with a long or short term down side that is helpful to some degree in regulating moods and symptoms that are painful or uncomfortable - but have negative consequences we would rather not have to live with or are unhealthy.

Some of you may think i am off my rocker :con: and others may be curious and others may be familiar with what i put below and have superior knowledge than me.....if you are into this......finding alternative ways to deal with moods, negative thoughts, self-esteem building, creative imagery of the past and present and future to ponder for more richness in one's life please join me and add to this thread.

:!!: :bana: :ban2:

As you can see, I just picked one addictive method (alcohol) and replacements i prefer.....what about all the others listed above and those i left out....so much potential for good stuff to share.

This could be

Here are some of my alternatives to using alcohol for regulation of highs which make me uncomfortable, anxiety, irritability, depression not real hard core clinical, but in time i think i may find some for that too.

And after the alternative method i put some things i have learned in using the method or particular kinds of things i like to use. Use whatever format you like....this one is just a go at it blind

* aromatherapy
(check out local health food or creams/lotions and potions store or aromatherapy on line....a good start is Shirley McClain's (spelling on last name? think it is right) aromatherapy stuff....just a few essential oils and she tells you accurately the affect they have on you: calming or add energy or all kinds of cool stuff. and has different methods of diffusing them in the air.) Avoid combonations done by companies....get the pure essential oil extracts.

* meditation
- learn with a book or cassette tape or vcr tape or dvd.....check out your local library before buying anything....check amazon.com and bn.com (barnes and noble) for titles or look for medititation sites.

* relaxation tapes
....i have some of the best and if you are interested pm me and i will share the titles....guided imagery, colors, something for everyone.

* Native American cleansing and mindfulness and sacred reaching out to ceremonies.

* Tarot cards
with detail and done by someone who has been doing this for a while and probably collaborated with someone else (for pictures or other aspects).....don't know how this works, but serious tarot cards get you thinking about the present and future in a positive way.

* Native American Zuni animal fetishes.......and Navaho (spelling?) traveling horse fetish.
I swear by these, but you have to go to a true source and learn the history and truely believe in it for it to work...and you will see really see signs from animals that appear before you or in dreams to verify it is working if you really jive with this cool cultural, mindfulness, and all nature is related and interdependent thinking and connect with

* Native American people who still follow the teachings of wisdom...it changes...like anything (like a living US Constitution) to adapt to the times but the core intent and essence is solid, positive and good for individuals and groups and leadership.

Calming music (e.g.[i] Sacred Spirits - Chants and Dances of the Native Americans; and classical music; Bob Marley; and Shawn Colvin songs
cathartic music (e.g. God Smack - [i]Get the F away; Jimi Hendrix - a lot of songs; Janis Joplin; John Lee Hooker; Billie Holiday; Sarah McLachlan; and Meredith Brooks
happy music (e.g. Santana with all those other singers (Supernatual); Prince; Louis Armstrong for sure the best; Ella Firtzgerald; and the fantastic Eartha Kitt .....
self-esteem music....REO Speedwagon - [i]Keep Pushin' On
(listened to it before each exam in law school and each trial) and several Prince songs, and Alanis Morrisette songs particularly [i]All I really Want
and [i]Right Through You

* Reading about shamanism in other cultures.

* Reading about world religions and taking what works for you and leave the rest.

* dream catcher
made by a Native American who believes in the power of it and done in the traditional manner.....do not remember bad dreams....only have the feelings and physical sensations such has sweating so it is easy to get up and start the day with no scary stressful or weird images. Must believe in this.

* Mandella
for the home made by a Native American who believes in the power of this and done in traditional manner....keeps evil out of the house if you attend to it...not all negative things but keeps a peaceful quality in the home.

* Chakra's and meditation on them
....there is a lot out there so one must choose what fits their beliefs and intuition....takes time to learn and get good at...be patient.

* chi balls....
chinese metal balls with enamel overlay and traditional symbols on them and they both have a clear note that gently sounds and drifts off when they are shaken firmly away from you one time.....listen and let it fade...do it several times to prepare for meditation. The two balls should easily fit in your palm....move them in a circularmotion with your hand movement one way then reverse....takes time...then try less dominant hand...more time. The balls hit relaxation points on the palms. I still have not gotten to reflexology, but look forward to learning.

[i][b]Nature and spirituality are magical and mysterious and they are where the answers lie, i think.

[b][i]Open your mind and intuition to the possibilities....and share your good stuff.....


PS let me know if this is a really or slightly stupid idea...... :oops: :? :o this must be a period of hypomania (just a short period that is much mellower and takes the place of Acute Mania in bipolar disorder I, but hypomania and major depressive disorder is a diagnosis of bipolar II.....just spent a bunch of time researching the heck out of this so i can get pdoc on it tommorrow (monday))

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Posted 30 June 2008 - 04:04 PM

Hi Sunshine

I just came across this and I feel lifted already just by reading it, I can't wait to start doing my own research and I also feel encouraged to going back and trying meditation again.
Thankyou so much, so thoughtful :?:

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Posted 01 July 2008 - 06:08 AM

Thanks Kirsty for digging this up. I am still working on integrating those things, but they do help me a lot. Good refresher...thanks

Please add some of your own ideas..I would be delighted to read about them.


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    i attend buddhist meditation at a temple nearby.

    yoga, bicycling, kayaking, camping, exfoliating, making jewelry, being outdoors.

Posted 02 July 2008 - 08:44 AM

a very grounding meditation we do at the buddhist temple is a walking meditation. i think it is one of the best ways to learn to meditate, because in so many meditations you focus on one thing, or clearing your mind, and well, that just is too flippin hard for me to do!!! :crazy: cos everything from the wind, the birds, the chimes, the cats, and that darn wandering monkey mind just takes me off task! so this is great, because you focus on a series of actions. and i like the buddhist philosophy that if your mind wanders, simply finish the thought once you become aware of it, then return to the practice.

here is what we do:::

*stand, with your hands together in front of you or behind your back. not down to your sides. you can close your eyes if you like while you are standing, but when walking, keep eyes looking down about 2 feet in front of you.

*breathe deeply, relaxing your body, being aware of your comfort level. what part of you feels good, what part feels discomfort. make any desired adjustments.

*when you feel calm and focused, make note of these positions/actions as you take a step. even say the actions to yourself. the slower the movement the better:
*********preparing to step. preparing to step. preparing to step.
*********lifting the foot. lifting the foot.

notice how the movement of your foot occurs, do you lift it straight up? do you roll it onto the ball then up? can you feel the air on the now untouched bottom of your foot?

*********treading (moving foot toward placement)

slow and deliberate. how is your balance?


feel the surface your foot is landing on. is it soft/rough carpet? is it cool grass?

*repeat this until you have walked the length of the room, yard, etc where you have chosen to meditate.
*when you reach the last step, do the same procedure for turning.
*preparing to turn. preparing to turn. preparing to turn.
*when ready, turn to your right. it should take a total of 3 steps to turn completely facing the direction you came from. notice the same feelings and body sensations as you turn.
*when you are facing the way you started, begin again.
*if you get distracted or lose balance, just take a moment where you are, even mid step, and collect/re-focus, then continue.

we do this for 30 minutes, then do a seated meditation. but i personally like the walking, because for someone who is so easily distracted, this focus on a variety of steps really helps hold my mind. and after, i feel so peaceful and grounded. it is really amazing.


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 11:21 PM

Thanks Kewy I will give that a try. Sounds very relaxing.

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Posted 03 July 2008 - 02:38 AM

Thanks Kewy! I love walking so with the two combined excellant! :D