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Never Cry, by WEB

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Posted 17 November 2009 - 02:15 PM

OK, this is the morning after my wife told me that she is no longer "in love" with me.
I've yet to learn of the affair or her cancer.

basically, if you've read any of my blog or posts you will know that I have repressed emotion.
Saying I "never cry" used to be true. But no more.

Never Cry
Oct 18 2009

I never cry
I never, ever cry.
Iím too tough, too strong
Itís not man enough
I never cry

But then I lost you
And now Iím alone screaming
At the silence and emptiness left behind.
A waking sleep only dreaming
Hating myself for being so blind

I treated you badly, took you for granted.
Thought our love was so enchanted.
Midnight has struck and that spell is all gone.
I don't know what I've done, but I guess I was wrong.

And now I'm curled crying on the bathroom floor.
I was happy with less, but you deserved more.
I never meant to say things that would hurt you.
Iíd never have said them if only that I knew.

I havenít eaten now in what seems like years.
I only drink water to replenish my tears.
You were my friend, my lover my wife.
Youíre my sonís mother, you brought our marriage new life.

I never ever cry
But no matter how I try
I know itís all a lie
Because each day I now do
Remembering how I lost you.

I stare at the mirror knowing Iím no longer the guy
Who used to say ďI never cryĒ.

And now Iím just dead inside,
The feelings are too strong to hide.
I need to get away, but not too far.
I just drive somewhere, park and sleep in the car.

How the hell did I let this all happen?

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Posted 20 December 2010 - 06:39 PM

Please stay strong, and i am very, very proud of you that you finally pushed away your ego aside and to finally accept your real emotions. This is the true beginning of a life-long romance, i am sure.

we all make mistakes and it's all right, i know this might not sound much to you but i think for everyone out there, including me, you kill every romance when you try to make it last forever.

i wish you the very best and please get back to your non-sedentary self.i am sure you're beautiful doing it.