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Lovely lovely people.

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Posted 07 May 2012 - 08:00 AM

Sometimes people surprise you with just how kind and thoughtful they can be.

My fiancé is going through a really difficult situation at work and this past weekend he was feeling utterly demoralised and over-wrought about it all. We are long-distance for the moment, so last night after coming home from dinner with my parents, I checked in on the computer and found him sitting there having his morning coffee. We talked for a while and I was giving him whatever moral strength and encouragement I could, when his next door neighbour knocked on the door. She said she had just had a feeling that she wanted to come and check on him to see how he was doing. I called out to her from my little spot on the iPad on L's desk, lol, and chatted with her a little. She's a really sweet lady, and when L and I got engaged, while I was over there last year, she was the first person I told about it. Somehow she had sensed that he wasn't doing so well, L thinks maybe it was because he hadn't been outside in the yard doing things as much as he had been other weeks since the weather had started warming up - and because she knows he's been through some rough times over the years that they've been neighbours, she must have decided to just come and see if he needed some support. So L told her a bit about it all, and she was really warm and sympathetic.

L and I were both so touched that she would be both so perceptive and so caring. I'm writing her an email telling her that I think she's one of those angelic beings that go around pretending to live ordinary lives as somebody's next-door neighbour. lol! It's hard sometimes being so far apart and knowing what he's going through, but what a comfort to know that he has such kind people as her around him. Things like this, people like this, just seem to make the whole world a better place. :smile:

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