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i went mad

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    I know this will never happen
    but i figured it was worth a try

Posted 20 March 2010 - 11:56 PM

I went mad the other day when someone said that self harmers do it for pity so i sent him this. hope you dont mind me putting it up here.

I have heard lately that people who self harm are doing it for pity, ok i am sure that some people are, but even so. self harm. think it about it. ever cut your hand on a knife? hurts doesnt it. Bet you ask for pity when that happens.
Now imagine a man standing next to you, or a women, she is whispering in your ear, she is holding a gun near you head, they only way to make the perosn stop is to cut yourself. Is it hurting you to do that, you are cutting yourself and crying because you are scared.
Of course that person isnt there they are in your mind. But they are real as the fear of spiders and snakes, the fear of flying and the fear of being hurt.
All those fears are real to everyone and they can really be scary, there is a spider in the room, you hate spiders, its making you shiver and makes you walk out, trouble is what happends if you cant walk out, what happens if you are surrounded by them.

Now you are in the world of a self harmer. nothings there its all in your mind and you have cut your arm. id show it to someone if i was you.
Oh sorry they wil say you are only asking for pity.

he wrote back and said sorry.