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Posted 18 May 2013 - 03:15 PM

I've recently become obsessed with pulling the hangnails on my fingers, biting them, ripping them, and when I'm at home I like to take my mom's sewing needles and stick them through the skin by my nails. I don't try to break skin or anything, mostly it's just to lift more skin to prick and rip, but the skin usually breaks anyway. I've always bit my nails and my hangnails, it's just sort of a nervous tick I've always had, but lately I've begun to do it intentionally. My fingers are disgusting now because of how much I prick them. I don't know if this is considered self harm, I don't like to think it is. I've only cut three times in my life, I don't really know why, seeing as I've never really felt like I should be self harming. I never really became addicted to it, but with this finger pricking it's different. I guess because I'm used to it since I've been doing it since childhood, but without the intention to self harm. Plus everyone's used to it with me so it'd be easier to brush off? I don't know. My fingernails are long and healthy, but the skin around them is so raw that I have to cover a few fingers with band-aids. I don't really know what's been happening to me lately, I'm in the process of getting professional help but it's not coming fast enough!

Just wanted to get this out there.