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I thought it would change

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 11:08 PM

My daughter is very mean,viscious and I am very afraid of her.

She is extremely verbally and emotionally abusive. The way it works is: I will say something to her and she turns it around like it was something she said and pointing the finger at me as to how stupid etc. I am.

I have tried for years to be close to her. But if I would see her in person she would yell at me saying horrible things and this past summer someone smashed my car window, keyed it and dented it, all while parked in front of where I live. I know it was her, but she will never admit it. She has hit me in the chest when I wasn't expecting it. Pushed me when I thought we were walking together. But mostly it's the emails.

This is a copy of something she just emailed: I never understood why you don't see having you gone for life isn't a great thing? It will be the first day I can really live- painfree! Funny. I mean it. You just have been and still are today nothing. When you torture people and abuse them, they want you dead.

I will visit in a few months-like visiting the sick and elderly. Till then, you are someone to stay clear of. I wish that man would have found you ad dumped you in the empty tree into tiny peices- you deserve it. How dare you- you are filled with EVIL! Sister hates your guts- can you blame her? You have no bounderies and are dangerous.

Stay out of society-its best for everyone. You are hurting way too many people.

I swear to GOD and humanity, I have never said one thing to anyone in my life to hurt them intentionally like this.

She has beaten me down so much that I hate myself. I wish I were dead. Can't get a job because she continues to tell me I'm to old and useless for anyone to hire me. I am even afraid of walking out the door. I am afraid of her. My life is useless right now, mostly because I have lost every shred of self-confidence or self-worth. I pray constantly that things would change, but I know they never will.
My son on the other had abandoned me 17 years ago and never said why. Haven't heard a word since then.

Maybe it's all my fault... it probably is. I gave them way to much when they were kids and spoiled them. Their father died 10 years ago and since then it's been a living hell.

If anyone can help me regain my SELF, let me know.