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What a relief

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Posted 07 March 2015 - 12:11 AM

Hey all,

Yesterday I was on my way to work in my 17 year old Sprinter when a traffic cop told me to follow him.  He led me to a car park where a lot of other vans and trucks had been pulled in.  We were questioned, I had my licence and documents checked, there was a drug sniffer dog and some poor sods in a car being searched; they stole some of my diesel to test it for untaxed red diesel (I told them I could have driven half a mile on what they stole); they looked underneath my van, and under the bonnet (possibly to see if I'd installed a surreptitious V8 instead of the 79 horsepower Mercedes diesel); they checked my lights and brakes and steering and chassis, and wanted to see inside to check what I was carrying.  The revenue were there and checked my business was registered for tax.  They had a portable weighbridge, which they used on the truck in front of me.  The cop who spoke to me (they were working hard at the customer relations) said that 40% of commercial vehicles were committing some kind of offence BUT - here's the good news - they found nothing wromg with mine!!!  Good thing they didn't check the handbrake.... it needed adjusting, which I did today.  They wanted to know where I was going and why, and a mile or so further on was an unmarked van with cameras, presumably checking what we told them.


They didn't notice my dashcam, which recorded the whole thing.  Interesting viewing.


I lost an hour's work and although I tried to hide it was so stressed out I had to go to a nearby cafe for a cofee.  Since this job was 30 miles from home and I didn't want to go back another day, we had to work late to get finished.  But, hey! my van passed!  243,000 miles, 17 and a half years old and still going strong, more than 7 years with me and never broken down, cost almost nothing in repairs either.  It's nice to have something in life that's reliable (touches wood by knocking on own head).


Best wishes,


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Posted 08 March 2015 - 10:41 AM

That's great news Marvin!!  Very happy for you!  :yahoo: