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#1 rubenoid

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Posted 09 September 2003 - 01:49 AM

I started taking Depakote today to help alleviate some of my recent manic symptoms. I'm encouraged to finally be back on a mood stabilizer since I've gone so long without one. Any words of wisdom to share with this divalproex sodium newbie?

#2 Kaktus

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Posted 09 September 2003 - 08:21 PM

I gained lots of weight really REALLY fast on Depakote. I guess I'm just saying don't have that second donut if you can help it.

#3 Bacchus

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Posted 09 September 2003 - 09:16 PM


I'm so glad you're back on something! I've been worried about you.

I've been taking Depakote for two years now, and I did put on about ten pounds probably because of it or so the shrink says. I also developed a slight hand tremor--it's funny to hear the paper rattle when I try to hold a newspaper open. I've discovered that reading a newspaper is something best done from the coffee shop table. Other than that, it's really helped me. I was basically dead before I started taking it, was spacing out all the time, and when that was added to the mix the periods of spacing out went way down.

#4 themroosters

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Posted 14 January 2007 - 06:27 AM

Dep. has helped me too, some tremors but at least I'm working.