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Sour friendship

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Posted 01 August 2016 - 11:25 PM


It's been a good while, mostly because I have a child and even though I live with my child's father I do the work of a single mother.

That is entirely another story which I will write about another time, but I need to vent some frustration over a friendship that turned sour.

We have been friends for years and years. He has his demons and I have mine, but we enjoyed eachothers company and he actually stayed for weeks at our place last fall.

During that time we spent together we decided to buy tickets to go to a concert we both wanted to see with my best friend, said and done we booked an entire weekend in October last year and started to plan a fun weekend as I was finding a sitter for my child for the particular weekend.

About 3 weeks prior to the concert my friend goes through an invasive cosmetic plastic surgery and is in quite a lot of pain. I try to be there for him as he is having severe problems with anxiety due to the post-surgery pain levels as well as the strong pain medication he gets. He heals up nicely just in time for this weekend.

The weekend comes and we are having so much fun, but for some reason he sleeps away the nights as where me and some other friends visit different clubs. We were having a good time until the last day, the day of the concert when he backs out because he found a man that he wanted to have sex with and gives away the ticket (that he did not pay me for yet) to a girl who specifically told him she could not afford to buy the ticket. This, amongst with some other incidents where his irresponsibility put me in a bad spot, causes an enormous fight because we had this concert planned 8 months ahead.

He did not want to pay for the ticket in question since he didn't go which made me extremely angry since he knows it's hard to be a parent with sole responsibility of a child and not the greatest economy. I'm not in any way poor, but the concert and weekend of going to clubs (without buying expensive drinks when out) took a lot of planning and 7 months of saving up money for a budget to be able to somewhat keep up with his jetset lifestyle.

After he left he sent me 25 nasty messages on Facebook where he called me demeaning things and names and I ended up blocking him on all my social media accounts (but not on iMessage, but more to that later).

After maybe one week,l I had let it go and told myself we could fix this if he would simply apologise for what he had said to me when he messages me on iMessage out of the blue, but not to apologise. He asks me to do him a favor and at that moment when I got the text I were in the middle of a doctors appointment so I said I'd check back with him later.

A few hours later I had been thinking of it for a while and, with some hesitance, I said I'd agree to help but calmly clarifying things were still not okay because of the meanspirited things he had said. The reply I got back was "I got ************* to help me with it, thanks anyway b****!"

After that I decided things were not okay, I still made sure to check up on him as he happened to be in surrounding areas of one of the terror attack in Europe the middle of July.

When he texted me again last week, asking for the same favor as previously as well as trying to talk me into meeting up with him, I factually told him I could not help him as I was away from home for another week. The reply I got for that was "Hope you get a prolapse."

I ignored him and felt completely done with this friendship when he decided to take things to the next level and start slandering me on another message board we both visit by both making up blatant lies, telling half-truths and sharing things I told in confidence.

I have not yet approached his disgusting behavior and I have my IRL friends who were there before the concert backing me up.

I need a stress ball.