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Hurt feelings...

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Posted 15 March 2005 - 10:54 PM

I know this is silly, but I got my feelings hurt. My sister has this boyfriend (my sister is 18 her boy friend one or two years younger) and my sister is a lot meaner around him. I mean, her boyfriend, Kyle, is wonderful. I love him. He can be mean to my cat sometimes which I get mad at, and he jokes around hurtfully sometimes, but he always makes up for it by being extra nice. However, my sister does the same thing and it really upsets me because unlike Kyle, my sister doesn't apologize or act nice to make up for being mean. What do they do? Tell me I smell, that stuff. Or like the other day I was watching Brother Bear. I LOVE that movie. I don't know whether anyone has seen it, but it's a really sad movie! Well, Mary (my sis) and Kyle come down real loud and I tell them to be quiet because it was a sad part in the movie. Well when the come and see what movie I was watching they start CRACKING up and making fun of me because I got sad over a Disney movie. I totally feel stupid, but I get sad real easily. I know I'm not the only one who is saddened by Disney movies. I sure wish my sister wouldn't act so mean to impress her boyfriend though. *sigh*