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How goes the war

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Posted 13 January 2005 - 07:10 PM

NOTE TO BTB: We need a sleepy eyed emoticon.

Scribbled correspondence during a break in the battle -


I'm tired.

Yesterday we had sunshine and today we have overcast sunshine and it's a bit chilly.

Our grass is tall. We've got weeds sprouting out of the cracks in the wall surrounding our yard and the pesky ivy has grown back along the wall behind our house. There are weeds in all the planters too.

The ant invasion has been quelled, for the moment. It was pretty bad. I had to clear out a pile of junk by my bed to get at the ants coming in through my window. I'm pretty insistant about NOT having any type of foods in our bedrooms but this time the ants just had to find the one, tiny lollipop I must have put down on top of my dresser and forgot about. What a mess. At least the junk got cleaned up and my side of the bed looks much better now.

There is an ominous stain on the ceiling above this computer. This desk is set against the corner diagonally across the room from where the main leak in our ceiling is. Since we put up the tarp, the wall over there stopped "dripping" (good), but now there is this dark stain over here (NOT good.)

The gas company man came to check out the alleged, un-lit "pilot light", on our rooftop, central heating unit. It doesn't have a pilot light, it's got an electronic ignition! Apparently MOST units have electronic ignitions! (Deep sigh) Will report this to the landlord but do not expect any repairs to be done before the weather makes it a moot point.

Still have pile of rubbish in our side yard.

No word from painters/maintenace people.

Two weeks ago (?) I was scheduled to see my neurologist to hear the results of my dilantin level check and see if there had been any improvements in my cholesterol. The day of the appointment I got a call not to come in, he was very sick. I left a message to reschedule the appointment.

I left another message.

I need to leave yet a third.

Next week I go for my "well-woman" check up. (What joy) I've been trying not to think about it. I think you'll all be proud of me for not "obsessing" over it though. I just hope this time around there won't any of the scary complications like the last one.

We bought a car Sunday. The insurance company sent us a second check for $900 to cover their mistake in underestimating the value of our stolen car. (Good) We're still waiting for the loan check to arrive so we can deposite both at once. I found an old check for $15, it was for my husband's jury duty service last year. (Small yeah) I'm still "concerned" about money.

Kitty is doing well. I can't even give her the nickname "Stumpy" since she doesn't have a stump. I'd like to give her a bath and get a flea collar on her but we'll see what the vet has to say Saturday.

Getting back to the weather, the storms here have been devastating. I struggle between wanting to know what's going on and then regreting that I'd heard the reports. Many people have lost their lives and/or homes under tragic circumstances.

Was it just two years ago that we were hit by those devasting wildfires? First a trial by fire and now one by water.

Oh yeah, and there have been a few small quakes too.

Just feeling very "blah" today.

Should be taking a nap,