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god this is sooooooooo not my day!!!

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Posted 14 May 2004 - 05:01 PM

made a total fool of myself in college this afternoon...guess everything just got too much...stressed about cj before i left then all the info about the IT course being piled on top...head just started spinning and that horrid whooshy seashell noise started in my ears and before i could stop it I hit panic mode..so badly wanted t run from the room but knew if i had done the movement would have made me vomit so i jsut sat there crying and shaking and zoning....STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID me....

I apologized loads and *T* my college co-ordinator/supporter was ok about it...she even said that if at any point I hadn't found it overwhelming she would have been surprized...*G* my *social worker* was cool...she wrote everything down about times etc etc so that I have the info there cus I admitted that my head shuts itself off and i lose bits of info peiople are telling me...

anyway...eventually signed up to do an IT course thingy...when i can be bothered to find the notes I will say what exactly...but its nothing major...just word processing i think it is...so i get some confidence up blah blah...well if today is anything to go by i need it and am gonna make such a fool of myself believing i can do this access course in august...sigh...maybe i should just knock it on the head now and accept im always gonna be a fuckign freak.