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Into the Sea

How I feel without him

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 02:32 AM

The waves crash down, over me. Black rolling seas. My arms are cold... I cannot stand. I remember crashing on this shore once before, but you were there to help me. I remember your warm hands, your caress like the sunlight of an age had finally beckoned and was able to warm the ice around my soul. I try to call your name but its only a whisper that is carried by the wind.


I slowly crawl up the sand, on my stomach, grains of sand scratching my skin. You took me in, fed, me, gave me love and laughter. Now, now I am here again with no one to save me. Abandoned.


My tears mix with the black salt water lapping onto the sand. My chest is bleeding, I can taste the iron in my blood. My lips are cracked and swollen. Once you kissed those lips and our love melted into our own sense of heaven.


I can see where we used to sit now, flickering moonlight shows me the way. Clouds some to strangle the light as I crawl up the shore towards the moonlight. It fades. I think I see your face but no...it was only a memory, my eyes playing tricks on me.


I can’t feel my heart beating to your rhythm, to the way your body moved with mine. Its all faded into darkness.


I lay on the sand, empty shore. You are gone and I am stranded and alone. I look at my hands and I can almost feel you there but the pain is too great to close them over mine. I stare at the starlight and imagine you are with me, I turn my head and all I see is darkness, all I hear is my own voice, whispering your name. Begging for you to come. But you are gone.


I let go, close my eyes and abandon myself to the sea. The waves come higher, the cold water surrounds me. I let go of the sand and feel my body being tossed higher and higher. I stare up at the moon and tell you “ill always love you”.


Sinking down, the water covers my face. I splutter but no longer care. I sink into the darkness and lonely abyss. I fade away just as your memory of me is now faded.Into the past I go, into the darkness.


I slowly sink and I see a light above the water. Its you. Its your face calling your voice but I can no longer hear. Its only a memory a trick, I tell myself.


You are gone. I am faded and nothing without you. Sink into oblivion. Death is better than living without you.

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