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Posted 26 August 2013 - 02:43 PM

Haven't seen it on the postings, but wanted to share my experience with the drug Clozaril.  My official diagnosis is Bi-Polar and this med is an anti-psychotic usually given to those with Schizophrenia.  My doctor always was on the edge when it came to trying new ideas so I went along with his suggestion and tried this medication.  


It has been very effective.  The main thing I notice is that I can get sleep and have very vivid dreams.  I have come to think that when I get enough sleep and get a quality of sleep that processes whatever is going on in my head then I am mentally and emotionally better able to deal with whatever is going on.  Take away the sleep and funny things can happen.  You have to get a blood draw frequently with this drug which is a pain in the ass, but I've always felt it was worth it.


I have been on this therapy for god....about 20 years now.  Don't know what part of my medical issues are side effects other than I have definitely gained weight.  I am just now convincing my doctor we can cut back some and so far that has gone really well.  Maybe I'll be psych med free sometime, but I am taking it REALLY SLOW just to make sure I can handle it and nothing dramatic changes.