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Here at Beating The Beast,
we always try to foster that 'family' feel, so people are always welcome to come, go, stay, and give support. We want members to always feel, even though they may have moved on mood wise, that they belong. 

Instead of us going on and on, telling you what we are about, we'll let the membership speak for us.


May I be the first to unofficially welcome you to our website. I say our because even though I'm not a moderator or administrator, Btb has become mine over the past few months in the same way it will soon become yours too. We are a family here. We laugh, we share, we hold each other up when we are down and we keep each other motivated. It's a pretty wonderful place we have.

I found Btb a few months ago in my darkest hours of depression. I was looking for some reason not to kill myself. I'd isolated myself from my friends and family, quit taking care of myself, and just quit caring. I knew I needed help, but had never sought out support let alone professional help. Btb not only gave me that reason to keep going, my friends here supported and directed me into finding professional help and beating this beast.

I can honestly say, I'm alive today as a direct result of the friendship and support I found here. I still have up days and down days but I always know that I have someplace and some people that I can turn to when I need a friend.


I have found the support of the people I have met online invaluable. They have over the last year convinced me that my life is worth living. I have taken comfort in the fact that they too do silly things, that they get frustrated over inabilities, that they themselves continue to fight the beast but also give so generously to others to help them with their fight too. Just that feeling of support. I can post anything here and be understood, things that 'normal' people simply would not understand, or dismiss as unimportant......


I used to belong to some depression message boards and never felt quite like I fit in.....  Finally BtB was born and I began to slowly open up to what was at that time, a small membership base.  Slowly, post by post, it seemed that no matter how dark and twisted my thoughts were, no one turned away from me or ridiculed me....  I was finally for the first time ever, accepted and understood.  I've found a great number of friends here and loads of compassion, support and understanding.  It's unlike anything I have ever seen before....


Beating The Beast to me means Freedom to be myself, Real people fighting the same battle, Incredible strength, Empathy, No nonsense advice, Distraction, Support, Help, Insane threads, Partnerships. added together it boils down to FRIENDSHIP....and for me that's everything.

Crimson Angel:

BtB is the one place I can go and know I'm safe and won't be judged. It's a way I can meet new and wonderful people and a place I know I won't be alone, ever. It's also my rock that keeps me from falling to far into depression and a way I know I can help others. It's like another home to me, and every member is my friend and they all are like family to me. This is what BtB means to me.


This is my life line sometimes my only one in times of emotional crisis. There is always someone here to listen and give support. Along the way, I have met some of the most fantastic people from all walks of life. I would be profoundly upset if this site ever went away.


BTB is a place where I can come and vent. It has helped me get my feelings out when there was no one around to listen. I was never good at getting them out even when there were people around to listen. It also makes me feel safe. I know that I will never be harmed or attacked here and that is a nice feeling. I have developed friendships and can call BTBer's my family. It is a nice feeling.


To me, BtB is a family. I check in several times a day to see how the rest of my "brothers" and "sisters" are doing. To see if they have offered me any sage advice in response to my pleas or if I have any knowledge that may be of use to them. It's a second home, but one where I don't have to worry about being judged or put down for my feelings. Nobody here tells me what I "should" be doing or how I "should" be feeling. They just accept me as I am. It's a tremendously warm feeling. especially when I'm in crisis. BtB is the knot at the end of my rope when I think I can't hang on any longer.


Umm, what BtB means to me, being a newer member, is a place to vent, share, & E-shoulders to lean on. A place to know that we're not alone in all this. It is also a place to discuss medications , which is very important to me. Within my story on the experiences page, I can't undermine how much of a mind spin it was (for me) to get involved with a 'yahoo-groups' site that was SO against all meds, and had ME believe that they we're all poison, and that I was forever changed (poisoned) as a result of taking a particular med. I know that I am off topic here, however, what I attempting to say is that, having stumbled across BtB, was a much needed outlet for a very hard time in my life path. A place like this, reassures me that #1 It's all gonna be okay, #2 we can all learn by sharing with one another. Also, this is a place to interact with others, albeit over the web, but what isn't web-based anymore - LOL. Reason I bring this up, is that when depression was at (what I think) it worse, interaction with anyone was null. Coming here, seeing fresh faces to share with, reading other experiences, the basic interaction with others, has meant the world to me. Though, like all of us, we have layers, I've shared - but not my whole life path's ups & downs, for it is still unfolding. The best thing about BtB, imho, is the support we get from others. Sometimes, all we need is an affirming word from somebody else...When RL support system is failing, which mine seems to have, BtB is a place of comfort. I like reading 'what its like' for others, to know that I'm SO not alone in this. It's easy to forget that this is a depression support site, isn't this how we ALL really got here in the first place? BtB has been a Godsend, imho.

seratonin sister:

For me it is the feeling of one ship.  OK I know that sounds really corny, but that is what we have here.  Depression really tears you apart & you get so self focused that it is hard to remember that there's other people out there who are going through exactly the same thing as you, or have felt the same in the past.  It is a good place to offload & nobody is out to judge you.  I have never regretted the day I came & joined because right from the start I had total acceptance & that means the world to me.

Ed the chow hound:

BTB is without doubt one of the greatest experiences of my life it has enabled me to grow in maturity and wisdom and transcend my own small self centered world of depression.

BTB has allowed me to become part of something greater than myself and contribute to the betterment of my fellow men and women.

BTB is my safety valve and life line that connects me with reality.

BTB is my family of choice and meets many of my emotional needs that might otherwise go unmet.


BtB helped me through, and is still helping me through, perhaps the worst time in my life. When I first came here, I was rebellious, I had been forced into therapy and medication by a loving, devoted husband. But here, I slowly came to see the need for such treatment, that things could in fact be different than they had been for the last 14 years. I was relieved to find out that other people felt the same way, that they had the same concerns and impulses. I can help other people who may be farther down than me, and see the light at the end of the tunnel by watching those who are recovering. The support here is amazing, and this is truly a safe environment for those who are hurting, or confused, or angry, or all three.


In my opinion, the most important thing about BtB is that it gives people suffering from depression a safe, supportive place to discuss their feelings with people who have BEEN THERE. As loving and concerned and supportive as our friends and family in RL may be, there are some things about depression that you just cant *get* if you haven't lived through them yourself. And knowing you're not alone, that other people have been through similar experiences and survived, can make a huge difference.


When I was very depressed, felt totally alone and was without hope, I desperately needed to talk to someone but I was convinced there was no one out there who would understand just what I was going through. I didn't know I had depression,  I knew nothing about depression, and I didn't realise how far down I was. I was in my own little dark hole and I thought no one cared or would ever care.

Then I found by chance a depression forum and I found BTB. For the first time in my life people listened to me and my problems and I realised I wasn't alone anymore. They knew so much about depression. They understood what i was going through. I found others who were just like me, I found people who had gone through depression and got better.

I didn't feel alone anymore and Thanks to BTB, I did go and talk to someone in RL as well , got medical help and now due to the never ending support I'm so much better .

BtB helps people like me everyday, I'm just one of many.  what is BTB? Its people just like me all helping each other.


The rumble of thunder cascades down a mountain side overwhelming the valley below with torrential rain, lightening, destruction. But there is a force that pushes through, fights the storm so that you know one day, some day a change in this horrific weather will have to come and the sun will shine again. That's what BtB has been to me, that force on the part of my brain that wants to believe the storm will never end, the pain will go on forever and just get worse. BtB and the people who are here have helped me remember the sun will shine again one day, in spite of myself! BtB has allowed me to give a real voice to the little cowering terrified inner child who has never been able to grow beyond the awful pain she experienced. As I work to bring together that little girl and some of her scared inner siblings with the me of today, BtB is a safety net, a place of security. Even if I go away for awhile, I know it is here, waiting for me to return. BtB to me means sanctuary.

Lady Blue:

When I first discovered, and began to read some of the posts on this site, I was in a very dark, and scary place. I had crashed and burned at work, in a very public, and embarrassing way. I had just gone out on tempory disability.

My days consisted of crying, fearfulness, and many trips to coordinating specialists. I didn't, and couldn't reach out to my non-cyber friends. They wouldn't have understood.

I stumbled upon B the B totally by coincidence. (Are there really any coincidences in life?) It was like finding a life-raft or life-line. Here were people who welcomed me, supported me, understood me, and totally didn't judge me. Wow!

I can't say enough good things about this site. I have never had a negative experience here. So for anyone reading these posts, don't be afraid, or nervous. You will find friendship, understanding, and compassion here.

NJ Cat:

During my first depression, there was no web. I don't know how I possibly survived.

I love BtB, I feel totally safe here. I think it is the best depression board on the internet (I'm a member of a few). Everyone is friendly and supportive. There are folders for light-hearted stuff such as "Whatever" and folders for Spirituality, and Art, and for SI and General Depression. And Meds. It's JUST PERFECT.

I feel like I have good relationships with many on the board even though we have never met.

I cannot say that about any other board (depression or not) that I have been a member of.

There are so many compassionate people here, it's really totally unbelievable to me the support you can get here.

I recommend it for any depressed person.


I ended up here after searching for a long time. I didn't want to be baffled by science, I wanted to be understood. So here I am.

I am understood here. I am supported, and when able support others. I am not judged for being ill. I am myself here, flaws and all.

Here I am, I am safe, I am understood. I am me.


I find it's a safe place to discuss with people that understand. I'm a newer member and I have found it great.  It has helped me through rough times and still is helping me.  I found great support here off everyone and when able I try to support others.  Its a place where I can be me


It's where I can say what I really think and not worry about what people will think of me.


this site. oh how this site has helped me, it's kept me alive, kept me sane, made me know that other people know how I'm feeling, know what I'm going though, people who understand and don't judge or take sides because they don't see it from your point of view. it's my sanctuary and safe house. my place to vent, and be heard. the one site that I'll constantly go back to because it's full of loving, caring people who want nothing but for you to feel better. This site <3

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